Cocktails & Music: How Does Alcohol Impact The Music Industry?

The first evidence of fermented beverages was found in a 9000-year-old archaeological site in China, alongside some of the oldest intact musical instruments. Meaning, a good sip has been paired with soulful tunes longer than hip-hop has been alive.

Cocktail Chronicles’ 100-Proof Radio Show will lead a healthy, mature, and fun discussion about  “Cocktails & Music: How does alcohol impact the music industry?” Tune in live on Rolling Out’s Facebook page!

“Our purpose is to dispel or confirm myths about alcohol and writing,” Day said. Informing drinkers about what they are drinking helps them to feel like they are in control of their lives. It also gives them an opportunity to make better and healthier choices.

Therefore, it’s not just prevalent in rap culture — musicians all over the world are known to have a good drink with good music. Tonight, we will have a healthy, mature and fun dialogue with music industry insiders about the influence of alcohol in the entertainment business.

The premise of this dialogue is to explore the power of alcohol in the music industry.  Why is alcohol so prevalent in music lyrics and videos? Are music artists being used to promote alcohol to the black community? What role does alcohol play in an artist’s development?

Tonight’s guests include:

Monte Henderson @iammontehenderson
Christian Recording Artist

Isaac M. Hamm @izzyike

Zach Nicholls @zachnichollsmix
Mix Engineer