June 06


Super retailer Walmart launches new private label wines for $11 a bottle

Walmart has now introduced a line of wines.

US retail corporation Walmart is launching a new range of 10 private label wines, most priced at $11 a bottle, to help foster a reputation for “quality at value.”

According to the Walmart website, the new range is described as a selection of “highly drinkable wines for any occasion.”

It continues: “Each wine in the Winemakers Selection has been carefully curated from the best wine regions of the world to bring you exceptional taste at an affordable price. Also, the labels are pretty cool too.

“We think it’s perfectly okay to try a wine based on its label. A lot of thought and intention has gone into reflecting the history of the wines and regions they came from through the labels”.

The range includes a red blend, a Chianti Classic, a Chianti Riserva and a Sangiovese from Italy; a Grenache rosé, a sparkling rosé, a Grenache, a Syrah and a Cabernet Franc from France, and a Cabernet Sauvignon from California.

Called the Winemakers Selection line, the collection has been produced by winemakers working directly with Walmart’s wine buyers. The range will be rolled out across 1,100 stores in the US and will include wine sourced from California, France, and Italy.

This follows similar moves to produce affordable private label wines by discount retailers including Trader Joe’s, Lidl and Aldi.