Cocktails & Authors: Is Alcohol the key to unblocking writer’s block?

Alcohol has a way of influencing personalities, and so it stands to reason that thoughts and ideas could rise up in authors and help influence character development, storylines and other aspects of the creative process. Talking about this with talented authors will make for interesting conversation.

Cocktail Chronicles’ 100-Proof Radio Show will lead a healthy, mature, and fun discussion about  “Cocktails & Authors: Is Alcohol the key to unblocking writer’s block?” Tune in live on Rolling Out’s Facebook page!

“Our purpose is to dispel or confirm myths about alcohol and writing,” Day said. Informing drinkers about what they are drinking helps them to feel like they are in control of their lives. It also gives them an opportunity to make better and healthier choices.

Do you love to write? Do you have problems with writer’s block? Do you like to drink a little wine while writing? Do you love a good conversation? Well, tonight on 100-Proof Radio Show we will explore what beverage vice if any do authors use to get their book written.  

Studies have shown that most writers are heavy drinkers. Tonight we will speak to writers and learn their personal experiences with managing writer’s block and the use of beverages. Or does alcohol make them forget what to write? Does alcohol get their “creative juices” flowing to begin writing? Do most authors use alcohol to celebrate the completion of their work?  

“Cocktails & Authors” will be an open and candid discussion with writers to discuss whether or not drinking can open your mind to creativity.

Tonight’s guests include:


Patrick L. Riley
Author of “That’s What Friends Are For: On the Women Who Inspired Me”


Andrew Snorton
Author of “9 Stories Of Faith”


Keyatta Mincey, Cocktail Programmer
Founder, “Drinking With the Girls”

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