May 29

Cocktails & Fashion: Does Your Sip Give You Swag? #DrinkableFashion



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Two of life’s greatest pleasures—good liquor and beautiful fashion have long enjoyed a collaborative relationship. Many bottles can be striking to start with, but artists ranging from the iconic Andy Warhol for Absolut Vodka to the controversial (Jeff Kong’s for Don Perignon) have taken the paintbrush to the bottle with beautiful results. Cognac Hennessy X.O. Edition recently collaborated with its Sydney designer Marc Newson to reimagine the classic glass decanter.

Often times when people are under the influence of alcohol they become more confident. Is this a truth or myth. We will have a candid, fun, and mature conversation to learn if alcohol makes you walk with swag, with your chin up and shoulders back. Or does it have the opposite effect and make you look beat in a bad way?

We will also explore the collaboration between fashion and booze to determine why more fashion designers are being tapped to design liquor bottles. In addition to fashion designers creating their own liquor brands such as Diesel launching SKYY Vodka. Lastly, we will discuss whether or not fashion designers are inspired by the use of alcohol to become more creative and innovative with their designs.

Tonight’s special guests include:

Dionne Fraser-Carter
@dioartwear @zinahartisicretail



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