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ANA Flyer - May 21, 2018

You are invited to attend:
Atlanta Nightlife Alliance Mix & Mingle
Monday, May 21, 2018 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Nancy’s Pizza  2625 Piedmont Rd, NE Atlanta, GA 30324(Lindbergh area off of Sidney Marcus)
Food & Drink Specials will be available at your own expense.


The Atlanta Nightlife Alliance (ANA) was formulated to forge positive relationships with government officials and to collaborate with communities in order to protect the sustainability of the nightlife community.

To build positive partnerships with community organizations that will foster the development of a positive and safe reflection on nightlife, by doing collective community service in all the metropolitan Atlanta areas.

Promote diversity among all levels of the nightlife industry from manufacturers, distributors, and the independent or chain establishments hierarchies.

The ANA is an advocate for any legitimate business that pours alcohol after 11 pm.  Or it may consist of any employee of bars, restaurants, clubs, adult entertainment, liquor manufacturers, distributors, distilleries, breweries, etc.  Including club and party promoters.

Our first priority as a 501c3 organization is to seek extended hours for the 2019 Super Bowl that is being hosted here in Atlanta, GA.

The second priority is to streamline the liquor licensing and permitting process to shorten the lengthy process and make things a one-stop shop.
Third, secure safety patrons and workers around all nightlife communities.
Lastly, and most importantly is to galvanize to make our vote count at the polls, so that politicians come to acknowledge our talents and what we bring to the tables with our hundreds or thousands of followers independently. Long-term and united we will be an organization that is valued and respected by elected officials and the community that will prevent them from making decisions that impact the nightlife without our feedback and leaving them with more positive impressions of our world.
Let’s not leave our futures or the viability of our businesses in the hands of others w/o having a say.

Yours truly,

Je’ Wesley
Founder & President
@JeWesley and @cocktailchron1 #AtlantaNightlifeAlliance

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