May 15

Cocktails and Politics: Do Elected Officials Value The Nightlife Community? #NightlifeAtlanta

Watch tonight at 9 PM EST on @Rollingout FB Live as 100-Proof Radio with Je’ Wesley discusses Cocktails and Politics: Do Elected Officials Value The Nightlife Community? #InAtlanta

Our host Je’ Wesley Day will lead a live, healthy, mature, and fun conversation about how alcohol may play a part in politics. The purpose of this panel is to allow political figures to discuss their perspective on “Atlanta’s Nightlife” and whether or not it is a priority on their agenda for the up and coming elections.

We will also touch on the number of politicians in the Atlanta area that have received DUIs in recent years. Atlanta has become the booming city of the south based on its nightlife starting with countless adult entertainment offerings, Freaknic in the 90’s and a boom of popular nightclubs in the 2000’s. However, the nightlife has been scaled back with strict laws and policies.

Cocktail Chronicles and its 300,000 followers want to know:

  • Do politicians understand the revenue that the nightlife generates here in the city of Atlanta and over the years the spike in metropolitan Atlanta’s population due to people relocating here for the robust nightlife?
  • Do politicians respect and value the nightlife of Atlanta?
  • Could the Atlanta City Council possibly elect to allow extended nightlife hours for the Super Bowl in 2019?

The primary election will soon come to a close in Atlanta. The candidates have campaigned and informed the public with their proposals for our neighborhoods, education, and public safety. However, did any of them consider nightlife within their campaigns?

Tonight’s special guests include:

Rep. Erica Thomas, GA-Dist. 39 (@itsericathomas) Georgia House of Representatives

Dee Dawkins-Haigler, Candidate (@dawkhaig7)
Georgia’s Secretary Of State


Rick Tapia, Owner (@JRRevelry)
J.R. Revelry Bourbon Whiskey
Tonight’s International Sips’ Sponsor


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