April 17

‘100-Proof Radio Show’ w/Je’ Wesley comes to an end on the Sensation Station Network effective immediately

After eight months on the air, the 100-Proof Radio Show ranked within the top two shows on the network and garnered over 300k online followers

Atlanta, GA., April 17, 2017 (Cocktail Chronicles)  It is with deep regret that Cocktail Chronicles inform you of the immediate cancellation of 100-Proof Radio Show on the Sensation Station Network (SSN).  Je’ Wesley Day, host of 100-Proof Radio Show and Sean Pryme, owner of SSN came to amicable terms to end the show on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, the same day as Day was scheduled to host his weekly scheduled show.  

The 100-Proof Radio Show debuted internationally on August 17, 2018, through the digital airwaves of online radio at SSN located in Atlanta, GA. Since that time, the show consistently ranked within the top two shows of the Sensation Station Network with over 300, 000 viewers weekly.  Je’ Wesley’s show is one of two shows departing the network this week. As such, both of the departing shows rank within the top three of all shows on SSN.



Je’ Wesley Day announces the cancellation of  “100 Proof Radio Show” with Je’ Wesley on the Sensation Station Network (SSN). Day said the cancellation was an amicable split with the network.

“Journalism and spirits are literally my life; it’s my hobby, my love, and my passion that happens to be my job.  It upsets me deeply, as I take empowering consumers on their beverage choices very seriously and professionally. Effective this evening of April 17, 2018, there will be no airing of the 100-Proof Radio Show, creating a gap for the first time between my followers through healthy, mature, and fun dialogue,” Day said.

“I apologize to all my guests that we had lined up for upcoming shows in the coming months,” he continued. “I have faith and great confidence that the 100-Proof Radio Show will re-emerge on a larger platform and better than ever before.  I apologize to my 300,000 followers that anxiously anticipate our unorthodox conversations about the facts and myths of alcohol and non-alcohol consumption.” 

Meanwhile, you can continue to garner your beverage industry news here at http://www.CocktailChron.com or @CocktailChron1.  


Cocktail Chronicles serves as the parent company of 100-Proof Radio Show and also owned by Je’ Wesley Day.