April 10

Cocktails & Entrepreneurship

Listen and watch live tonight as we will lead a healthy, informative, and mature discussion on the discovery of the first black master distiller of Whiskey whose name is Nearest Green aka Uncle Nearest. Fawn Weaver is the owner and proprietor of Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey and responsible for bringing the Uncle Nearest story to the public.

We will also learn what motivated Fawn to create this brand and what she learned about being an entrepreneur in the spirits arena despite a lack of spirits industry experience. What does it take to launch a liquor brand and what trials did she have to overcome? We are curious to know how she feels about the movement of blacks supporting black businesses.

Join us as we hope to inspire entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams!

Tonight’s special guests include:

Fawn Weaver
Owner of Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey


Colin Asare-Appiah
Senior Portfolio Ambassador, Bacardi


Anderson Smith