Cocktails & Race

Tune in tonight to “100 Proof Radio with Je Wesley” on the topic of, “Cocktails & Race: Do Blacks Receive The Same Level Of Enthusiasm?” #AtHello #AtTheDoor #IntheServiceIndustry

In this conversation, Je’ Wesley will explore if minorities receive the same level of customer service when they patronize restaurants and bars. According to a poll conducted by Cocktail Chronicles, consumers were asked, “Are Blacks treated with the same level of enthusiasm at hello?”
Overwhelmingly, the results were as follow:
15% – Yes
85% – No

Listen and Watch LIVE tonight, as your host @Jewesley06 lead a healthy, candid, fun, and mature dialogue on whether or not the same level of customer of service across people of all race.

Tonight’s guests include:


LeAnn Foster (@thelovingleann) Media personality and owner of EUTHENICS


Jeff Johnson (@truthandpride79)
Server/ Bartender


Cheikh (@terangawithoutborders) Catering without Borders


Andrew Snorton (@asnortonccs) Writer

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