Sensation Station

ABSTRACT: Tonight on 100-Proof Radio Show we will lead a healthy, mature and fun dialogue about the rise in journalists around the nation receiving DUIs. The goal of tonight’s show is to:

1) Instill fear by discussing the severe consequences to your reputation, your station’s integrity, the impact to your family, and most importantly how you are playing Russian roulette with your career;

2) empower journalists of the steps to regain their integrity and career after an incident such as a dui.

We want to have a candid conversation with journalists all over the country on how to rebound, if they get into this situation and provide hope that it is not the end of the world.

Below are questions that potentially may be asked. They are not in any set order. It’s will be a free flowing conversation, but controlled by Je’ Wesley as your host. Therefore, feel free to jump-in on someone else’s question. We allow the conversation to take a life of its own as long as we stay on subject.


1. Rashad, you have received a DUI in the past, walk us through what you felt like during that time? Did you think your career was over? Did you feel shamed?
2. Steve, have you hired someone with a DUI and what made you make that decision? What does someone need to show you to make you hire them with this lingering in their past? Especially, if it became public knowledge.
3. Attorney Patterson, if someone should get a DUI what tips can you provide them of do’s and dont’s while on the scene that may assist them in protecting their careers (i.e. breathalyzer or not, field sobriety test, etc…)?
4. Rashad, was their anything that someone could have done to influence you not to drink and drive that night. Does others hold a responsibility for you receiving a dui (friends, family, coworkers)?
5. Rashad, how was it returning to work? Did the dui negatively impact your career?
6. Rashad, did receiving a dui change your drinking pattern? How much did you drink previously verses now?
7. Steve, how do you or would you manage a current employee that have received a dui at your station? What does that first call or interaction sound like? Do you put them on paid leave? Do you fire them?
8. Steve, do you permit on-air personalities to drink while on the air? This is often common in urban stations.
9. Conroy, what is the severity of journalists having a public dui?
10. Conroy, is it possible to repair your media career after receiving a public DUI? Walk us through this process? What would you advise a journalist that received a dui?
11. Conroy, if you represented the station what would your advice be to that station who has an employee with a DUI?
12. Attorney Patterson, can an employer terminate an employee that has only been charged with a dui, but have yet to be charged. What if they have been charged, can they be terminated at that point? If so, on what grounds?
13. Terrance, from an HR perspective what goes into the decision to terminate a current employee with a DUI?
14. Terrance, Is an employee hireable that applies for a position with a DUI on their record? What thought goes into that decision?
15. Terrance, What preventive measures do employers take to prevent employees from drinking and driving?
16. Rick, having worked in the media industry for over 30 years do you think the pressure of this industry cause media personalities to drink?
17. Rick, have you witnessed coworkers drunk before (i.e. at work, company parties, or dui)? If so, how do you handle those situations? How does it impact you as a non-drinker?
18. All guests should have final thoughts or tips on drinking and driving for other journalists.