July 18


Cocktails & Cigars Tonight In Atlanta…

July 2017 Event - Front.jpg

We would like to invite you to be a panelist for our Cocktail Chronicles, After Dark Edition in Chicago, IL on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 from 6:30p to 9:30p.  Our topic will be “Cocktails & Stereotypes: Does My Sip Spike Your Perception of Me? #RealityOrNah.”
ABSTRACT:  We will lead a fun, healthy, and mature dialogue on how society judges you based on what you drink and how you drink it.  Have you ever wondered why men are perceived as gay for drinking out of a martini glass? Why are women perceived to be less feminine for drinking beer from a bottle?  Do leaders lose power for drinking fruity alcoholic drinks or not drinking at all?  Why do we judge and how do we navigate around judging someone based on their drinking preference? What would you do on your first date and the woman is drinking hard liquor neat and the man is drinking a cosmopolitan? Do you judge people when they approach the bar to determine if they will tip or not?
Mistress of Ceremony –  Kathy Chaney (TV & News Personality – Formerly of Ebony Magazine)
Moderator – Regine Rousseau, Owner of Shall We Wine
Panelists #1 – Josh Davis, Bartender at Lush Life Productions
Panelist #2 – Alexis Brown, Bartender at Serving Life Behind Bars
Panelist #3 – Ariel Neal, CEO of Leira Knows Cocktails & Events & Founder of Causing A Stir
Panelist #4 – Paul Sauter, President of the USBG – Chicago
Panelist #5 – Torrence “Tory” Ohaire, Chef & Bartender

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