Get up! Up On The Roof (Greenville, SC)…



Andrew Snorton

Written by Andrew Snorton, Contributing Writer – Cocktail  Chronicles

Greenville, SC has a growing similarity to other small cities, especially in the Southeast.



With reinvestment in its downtown, along with the growing mixed-use neighborhoods (i.e. businesses on the ground floor and residences above), along with vibrant options for housing, recreation, and other areas, it is a quietly growing area.  It maintains its sense of balance of bridging the old and new together to reach out to different audiences.


In this same spirit, one of the rooftop establishments has the poise and balance seen in larger cities but does so with a very personal touch, including their beverage offerings.  Up on the Roof (located at 250 Riverplace at the top of the Embassy Suites) is truly a “go-to” venue.


This past Sunday (May 28, 2017), we made a visit there en route to our destination.  Arriving a little after 9:30 pm, we enjoy the elevator ride all the way to the top floor.  Upon entry, there’s a main room (indoor/outdoor) that is used for social events (as well as open to the public when not in use), a central bar complete with different drink specials (a few of which start at $5), and the outdoor rooftop, complete with fire pits, a blend of tables and high boys, and some relaxing views of downtown Greenville.


And then there’s the drink selection.  My beverage, “The Up In The Air,” is served in an actual bottle, providing a sense of nostalgia and quiet, casual class.  It clearly works for my palette (or anyone’s for that matter), as it’s a smooth and accessible blend of gin, sherry, lemon sour, prosecco, orange juice, and vanilla.  Paired with my Ahi Sashimi Nachos, the view, the setting, and the order work exceedingly well.  Even with it being a holiday weekend and having a smaller staff than normal, the professionalism of everyone working there makes it a very relaxing outing.


There are other specialty drink selections on their menus along with multiple food offerings, including arguably the best burgers in the city.  Add to it a solid brunch menu (served Saturday and Sunday from 11am-2pm) and other lunch and dinner specials (open daily from 11am-12am), when your travels bring you to the “Upstate”, Up on the Roof is a truly a place to visit.

Roof 1For more details, it is recommended to visit their website (the links to their social media is listed on their website):