Retired NFL Player, Walt Harris To Discuss “Cocktails & Sports: Do Athletes Sip & Play? #TipsyChampion”




Abstract: We will lead a healthy, mature, and fun discussion on the impact of alcohol on athletes. We will explore whether athletes are able to have fun by indulging in alcohol and the consequences they face by doing so. Are athletes held to a higher standard to not drink? Do athletes feel peer pressure harder not to drink? How do they come to their terms of deciding to drink or not to drink will be the question of the night?

Sponsor: Official Pro Athletes

Mistress of Ceremony:
Tenisha Bell, CEO of Perfect Pitch Media Group – Confirmed

Greg Lee, Director, Editorial Content – – Confirmed

Walt Harris, Retired NFL & Founder of Official Pro Players

Tramell Smith, Fitness Expert

Coach Wilcox, Certified Athletic/Technique & Fitness Specialist

Coach, Lewis Preston, Former Basketball Coach of KSU

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