May 15

Why Do Blacks Buy Ciroc or Tanqueray?

Ciroc 2Written by Je’ Wesley Day, CEO and Founder of Cocktail Chronicles

Will you support a black owned liquor product? Or will continue to give your money to Ciroc or Tanqueray, which belongs to a white organization (Diageo) that does not hire or support black initiatives according to our (Cocktail Chronicles) studies and investigations.

Did you know that Diageo is the #1 liquor manufacturer in the world and they pulled out of hiring from the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) in 2016?  Before pulling out of the NBMBAA Career Fair, Cocktail Chronicles asked Diageo, “How many people did you hire in 2015 from the NBMBAA Conference?” they declined to answer during a 2015 interview.

When Diageo was asked by Cocktail Chronicles, “How many Blacks are current employees with the organization nationwide?” they also declined to respond during the 2015 interview.

In 2016, over 16,000 consumers (90% black) responded to a Cocktail Chronicles survey that asked consumers to choose their favorite vodka and gin.  Overwhelmingly, the poll identified Ciroc (65% of votes) and Tanqueray (45% of votes) as the winners.  When Cocktail Chronicles attempted to contact Diageo to invite them to receive their awards months in advance, the beverage manufacturer failed to respond or acknowledge the honor.  What a slap in the face to all of the consumers that took the time to vote for them.

When will Black people wake up and stop supporting a brand/organization (i.e. Ciroc, Tanqueray, Diageo-owned brands, etc…) that will not give back to their community?

Over 16,000 people were polled by Cocktail Chronicles in 2016 and asked if they were aware of any liquor manufacturers doing anything good in minority communities and the response was overwhelming “No” by 85%.  The result of this survey makes a clear statement of opportunity that alcohol manufacturers MUST have a better commitment to being corporate socially responsible by supporting minority initiatives, engaging, and leveraging partnerships with the minority communities.

The beverage industry is a BILLION dollar arena, and we freely give our money to them without asking for their support or holding them accountable to do right by us as consumers.

Other studies ( have shown that blacks are among the largest spirits consumers in the United States (does not include beer or wine) and they deserve consumer education on products, philanthropic support, and sponsorships.  Hopefully, liquor manufacturers will see Cocktail Chronicles as a resource to keep their finger on the pulse of consumers to leverage engagement, product/brand activations, sponsorships, and education throughout all communities. We are committed to linking communities to beverage knowledge and manufacturers to consumers.  If you are interested in partnering with Cocktail Chronicles, please contact Je’ Wesley Day at