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A cocktail connoisseur wants you to kick your drink savvy up a notch

by Nina Hemphill Reeder, April 19, 2017

You’ve been at the bar for at least 10 minutes, trying in vain to win the attention of the bartenders. So what do you do?

“Do not scream out and don’t wave your hands,” pleads Je’ Wesley Day, founder of Cocktail Chronicles. “They will ignore you.”

According to Day, few things are more annoying to busy bartenders than this boorish behavior. If you really want to get on your mixologist’s good side, know what you want before stepping to the bar and place your drink orders together if you’re in a small group, he adds. These are only a few lessons the alcohol enthusiast shares on his Cocktail Chronicles blog, which is dedicated to educating readers on bar etiquette and drink culture.

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