Rum Chata Over Baileys… #AnyDay

Written by Je’ Wesley Day, CEO of Cocktail Chronicles

I recently attended the Nightclub & Bar Tradeshow of 2017 in Las Vegas, NV and stumbled across Rum Chata at a vendor booth. For those of you that love cream liqueurs, you must try Rum Chata and you are in for the treat of your life. Rum Chata is made of rum and is 15% less fat than Baileys, which makes it light and smooth.  The secret seasonings give it a pleasant cinnamon taste that will be refreshing to your palette.  RumChata’s ingredients are hand selected from all around the world.

  • 2 parts RumChata
  • 1 part Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire
  • 2 parts Cool Coffee or Espresso

Rum Chata - fiery-cappuccino-martini

RumChata does not need to be refrigerated. The cream has been homogenized with the rum and the alcohol acts as a preservative. An unopened bottle of RumChata tastes great for several years if stored between the temperatures of 50-75°F. Once opened RumChata can remain at room temperature and will keep its great taste for 6 months.

Rum Chata is undoubtedly the best cream liqueur on the market and deserving of a try.  It can be poured into coffee that makes it a great cocktail to be sipped at any time of the day.   You can’t go wrong with it, whether you pour it on the rocks, or make a martini with it.  Click here to learn recipes!!!