“Pepsi Produced Cat Sh*ttery Video,” Says Dr. Burks… #BoughtWisdom

Written by Tony Lamair Burks II, EdD – Contributing Writer of Cocktail Chronicles

Trust and believe that some leaders at PepsiCo now fully understand why my new book is named like this: Bought Wisdom: Tales of Living and Learning.

A team from PepsiCo spent time, money, and effort producing a cat sh*ttery video, they then heard the public outcry from people who wondered what in the entire h#ll PepsiCo was thinking, they pulled the video, and along the way, PepsiCo bought some wisdom.

Bought Wisdom is the kind of wisdom you get from experiencing life and all it tosses your way. Bought Wisdom is the kind of wisdom for which you pay the price. It’s making a decision without understanding the core issues. It’s having people at the table and not listening to or otherwise discounting their advice. It’s making the mistake of sipping the wrong beverage at your first corporate outing. That’s Bought Wisdom. And we often pay the price for it.

The question remains for PepsiCo. For example, when I did a misdeed, my granddaddy would ask, “Boy, did you hear me?” To which I would reply, “Yes.” And with the verbal dexterity of the Southern AME preacher he was, he’d quip, “then act like it!” Will PepsiCo act like it and learn from its Bought Wisdom? Corporate America would do well to learn from the bought wisdom of others. #boughtwisdom2017
Dr. Tony Lamair Burks II is Chief Learning Officer of LEADright, where he coaches and trains leaders for excellence. He is among five educators featured in Walking the Equity Talk: A Guide for Culturally Courageous Leadership in School Communities by John Robert Browne II; and he has been recognized by NU-tribe Magazine as one of “Six HBCU Grads You Should Know.” He is the author of Bought Wisdom: Tales of Living and Learning, a book that is a part interactive memoir, part leadership story, and part reflective journal. The book is available exclusively at http://www.leadrighttoday.com/boughtwisdom .

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