Cocktails, Diversity & Stereotypes: The Art To Being An Inclusive Servant Leader. #BartendersLoveAll…


Founder of Cocktail Chronicles, Je’ Wesley Day

Abstract:  In today’s world everyone is judged from the drinks they order to the shoes they wear, and the undergarments they put on or not.   Bartenders have always been a group of various individuals that has been able to embrace all walks of life and make guests feel at home in spite of their backgrounds.  This is what make US LOVED by all and damn near psychiatrists for many.

In this session, we will have an engaging, candid, healthy, and fun discussion about the importance of diversity in the workplace.  Recognizing your stereotypes and learning how to overcome them, because they exist within us all.  However, it is important that we know how to manage them and not act upon them.  We will discuss some of the typical qualifications that bartenders make about patrons at “hello.”  Often these assumptions are based on gender, race, sexual orientation, beauty/weight, age, and of course whether or not we perceive they will tip.
We will also discuss the importance of hiring diverse teams and working with peers who are different from you.  Bartenders will leave this session feeling refresh of how to be conscious of their very own feelings and thought processes and will discover how not to fall into any of the traps that would make any guest feel less welcome at your establishment.
Moderator: Je’ Wesley Day, Founder & CEO of Cocktail Chronicles
Panelists: Kashima Peters & Stephanie Saputo
Bar Econo