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L to R: Je’ Wesley, Founder of Cocktail Chronicles & K. Michelle, Hip-Hop & Reality Star

Written by Cocktail Chronicles Team (Je’ Wesley Day, Keena McClendon, Sierra Brown, and Jordan Baker)


Video Produced by Total Betty Productions Team (Ashauntae Porras and Zack Lee)

Jack Daniel’s offers a feminine twist on its whiskey line with its new flavor of ‘Southern Peach’ to the Country Cocktail malt beverage line. On April 5, 2017, we sat down with Casey Nelson, brand director of Jack Daniel’s off camera and asked these few questions:

Je’ Wesley, Cocktail Chronicles:
“What does your role consist of as brand director for Jack Daniel’s Flavors?”


Casey, Jack Daniel’s:
“I lead a portfolio of four brands – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack and Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails. I’m responsible for the development of the short and long-term brand and business strategies including all marketing plans and consumer activation efforts.”

Je’ Wesley, Cocktail Chronicles:
“What made the brand decide to introduce a new Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails Flavor? Why Southern Peach?”

Casey, Jack Daniel’s:
“Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails competes in a category where the pace of innovation is very fast, and consumer taste preferences can change. When we innovate on Jack Daniel’s, we do it very strategically. Country Cocktails are a great way for real friends of Jack to enjoy their favorite brand in a new format. K. Michelle was actively involved throughout the process as we explored different flavor variations. We wanted something authentic to both the Jack Daniel’s brand and K. Michelle. Peach is a very popular flavor, and consumer testing confirmed that it is a great fit for this exciting partnership.”

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Interview at Grand Hyatt In Buckhead of Atlanta, GA

Je’ Wesley, Cocktail Chronicles:
“What was the objective of the launch event in Atlanta? What did your team want attendees to take away from the experience?”

Casey, Jack Daniel’s:
“We wanted to celebrate the hard work that it took to get to this point, have some fun and invite fans of K. Michelle and Jack Daniel’s to experience this new product. Our team in Atlanta chose a great venue that allowed for a broad range of experiences – from sampling stations to virtual reality tours of our distillery and interactive group photo sessions. We hope that guests had a memorable experience and walked away with a great sense for what this new partnership and product are all about.”

Je’ Wesley, Cocktail Chronicles:
“How did the K. Michelle collaboration come about?How was it teaming up with her for Southern Peach?”

Casey, Jack Daniel’s:
“Our friendship with K. Michelle started several years ago and has continued to grow each year. I was visiting our friends at Atlantic Records when Joi Brown (SVP, Marketing/Partnerships) told me that she had this up and coming artist that is from Memphis, TN and loves Jack Daniel’s… I had to meet her. So we called her right then, had a pleasant chat, and I could feel her passion and vision shining through the phone. We stayed in touch, started small with some minor brand activations and meet & greets at her shows. We then executed a national sweepstakes in partnership with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and BET. Friends of Jack Honey and K. Michelle had the opportunity to be her guest at the BET Awards, walk the red carpet and get the VIP treatment. More than 125,000 consumers participated – the highest of any promotion in our brand history. K then visited our offices as part of an event where she got to know our team members and learn more about the company. She shared a dream of partnering with us to create her own unique flavor. After sleeping on it, I woke up one day and said, “why not”? Since then she has returned to Louisville multiple times to actively participate in the product, packaging as well as selling in the business proposition to key stakeholders. Her passion and excitement for this project have been inspiring, and our organization is very optimistic about the potential for Southern Peach.”

Je’ Wesley, Cocktail Chronicles:
“What does Jack Daniel’s do to support drinking responsibly?”

Casey, Jack Daniel’s:
“Responsibility is fundamental to our brand and something that we take very seriously. We seek to take a very active role in promoting responsible consumption. At all brand events (including the Southern Peach launch event in Atlanta) we limit the number of drinks per person, offer safe ride home options, promote designated drivers and offer alcohol-free beverage solutions in the form of hydration stations.”“>
After the sit-down interview with Jack Daniel’s Casey Nelson and K. Michelle, there were only a couple of hours remaining before the launch party for the new release of its Country Cocktail malt beverage ‘Southern Peach‘ flavor at Club Opera in Atlanta, Georgia. K. Michelle, an R&B musician, is the spokesperson for this new country cocktail and hosted the event, with radio personality Big Tigger of V-103 as the moderator.

K. Michelle has endorsed other Jack Daniel products like Tennessee Honey and Fire, since her beginnings with underground mixtapes and her casting on the Love & Hip-Hop reality show. This relationship doesn’t come at a surprise. The company sponsored her Twisted Mind Tour in 2015.


The launch party was filled with whiskey lovers, music fans, and social butterflies. Jack Daniels provided an all-inclusive experience: virtual tours of the distillery, sampling stations of Southern Peach at every turn, open bars with complimentary Jack Daniel’s of your choice, photo booths, videos, and a live DJ. Plus, food and water stations provided a means to keep attendees nourished and hydrated while enjoying the event. Finger foods included mini chicken & waffles, fried pickles, mini pecan pie tarts, French fries, chicken wings and whiskey infused cupcakes.
The drink release party was the perfect way to bring in the spring with its new peach flavor. Sierra Brown, an intern with Cocktail Chronicles, said, “When taking a sip of the Southern Peach malt flavored cocktail, I instantly flashed back to picnics in Piedmont Park and bar-be-ques with my dad. It reminded me of home and family.” “With a “hydration station” filled with fruit-infused water and finger foods, I was able to drink responsibly with my team,” said Brown.

There were several hundred beverage consumers present, and they all seem to be having a good time. The energy was at an all-time high when K. Michelle took to the stage with many of her fans singing her songs as the DJ played them.

‘Southern Peach’ is a fruity drink that packs a mean punch. As K. Michelle said in her speech, “Celebrate a great drink with great people and great love.” On May 2, ‘Smooth Peach’ will be available nationwide.



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L to R: K. Michelle, Hip-Hop & Reality Star and Keena Marie, Contributing Writer – Cocktail Chronicles