MillerCoors To Be Honored Tonight For Beverage Manufacturer Of The Year 2016…

MillerCoors Beverage AwardTonight We Will Honor MillerCoors At Cocktails & Food In Chicago…

MillerCoors is commited to creating a positive and meaningful impact on the social, environmental, and economic issues that affect their business, employees, consumers, and communities.
Miller Lite along with business mogul Daymond John of ABC’s “Shark Tank” named Santa Fe, New Mexico-based company HoneyMoon Brewery as the grand-prize winner of the 2016 Miller Lite Tap the Future competition. HoneyMoon Brewery originally auditioned in Houston, Texas and pitched an adult probiotic Kombucha tea with a touch of alcohol.  The company took home the $200,000 grand prize, following two rounds of rigorous live pitching.  “A unique product, enthusiasm, and edge are what made us winners,” says Ayla, Founder, and CEO of Honeymoon Brewery.  Click Here To Read Full Story…

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