Brand Ambassador At Brown-Forman Join Panel To Speak About Alcohol Marketing To The Minority Community…

Written by: Jordan Baker, Cocktail Chronicles Intern (Senior at Clark Atlanta University)


L to R: Je’ Wesley, Chris Cooper, Eldredge E. Washington, James L. Davis, and Jamar Jeffers – NOTE: This was the 24th panel and the first all male panel hosted by Cocktail Chronicles.

Atlanta, GA-  On February 21,  Je’ Wesley Day founder of Cocktail Chronicles hosted another successful After Dark Edition at Pal’s Lounge in Atlanta, GA. This topic of discussion was “Cocktail & Marketing: Are Blacks Targeted More With Liquor, Soda, and Sugary Juices?” The personable panelists were the author of M.A.D.E. Eldredge Washington, brand ambassador of Jack Daniels James L Davis, and beverage researcher Jamar Jeffers. Chris Cooper served as the moderator for the evening. Cooper is a lifestyle and procrastination expert.


Eldredge E. Washington

The panelists had differences of opinions on a few questions, but agreed on one premise: black celebrities and hip-hop culture have a significant influence on sales in any demographic. Washington claims, “no culture sells like the black culture.” Davis, who did not hesitate to inform the audience of Jack Daniel’s all natural ingredients, claims ‘music and marketing’ go hand-in-hand. Additionally, Davis, says that strong brands inserted into music help ‘builds a lifestyle’ for the consumer and build that particular brand.” The moderator Chris Cooper added to the discussion, “If you want to sell something, put it in a rap song.”


James L. Davis

In the debate on the distribution of sugary beverages in the black communities, our interactive audience had their strong opinions. Dee-Dee, a guest, suggested that the problem is bigger than what the black community can physically see. She claimed that the unhealthy or healthy beverage choices correlate with the social class in the area. Another guest disagreed; he insinuated that the parents of the black communities are to blame for the unhealthy consumption choices. Director of Atlanta Technical College, Jamar Jeffers ended the disagreement by stating, “Our (black people) beverage choices are based on quality, bargain, and convenience.” Davis finished his point, “Do your research, and use your best judgment.”

mmm-logoJe’ Wesley Day, founder and executive creative director of Cocktail Chronicles, hoped the event would raise awareness of the marketing placed in urban communities so consumers can make informed and conscious beverage choices.  “I want consumers to be more aware of why they are drinking what they drink and to be cognitive of the subliminal and psychological messages that go into marketing and advertisement,” says Day.  Brown-Forman and Tito’s Vodka are the only two companies that has responded to the Minority Matters Campaign by Cocktail Chronicles that is designed to link beverage manufacturers to the minority communities.

Chris Cooper, Moderator