NYC – Are You More Sexy When You Sip? #SexInTheCity; Moderated By Shannon Lanier…

february-2017-event-ny-updatedAbstract:  Have you ever wondered why you become more sexually aroused when you drink?  We will lead a mature, healthy, fun, and candid discussion on the impact of alcohol on your sexual life.  Does alcohol enhance your sexual experiences? Does alcohol lower your sexual inhabitations allowing you to do things you would never do sober? Also, learn what spirits get you more in the move and increases your libido with our expert mixologist.
Scenario:  If a man enjoys anal play with his wife ONLY while inebriated, but when he becomes sober he firmly instructs her to NEVER do it again and expresses to her that he feels she is taking advantage of him when he incoherent.  Months later the man becomes intoxicated and the wife performs anal play on him while he is in his drunken slumber and he seemingly enjoys it by not resisting.  Does this make him gay?  Does it make him sexually suppressed by society that he can’t enjoy the sensations of his own body? Or is it sexual assault by his wife, since he have warned her not to do it?  Come out and give us your opinion on this matter.
When: Thursday, February 16th
Time: 6:30p to 8:30p (Panel Starts at 7p)
Location: Mist Harlem – 46 West 116th Street – NY, NY 11026
Master of Ceremony: Deon Hampton
Reporter at News Day New York
Moderator: Shannon Lanier
Actor, Global TV Show Host
Jonathan Powell
Relationship Coach & Author
Derneeka Nicole
Tantra Practitioner & Sex Expert
Adonis L. Frank
Event Curator & Mixologist
Premier Sponsor: Mist Harlem
Sponsored by: Perfect Pitch Media Group, Graphics In Atlanta, Rayo Events, and Total Betty Productions