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January 20

Miller Brewing Company Wins Best Beverage Manufacturer of 2016; they awarded over 200k to entrepreneurs in 2016…

January 20

Miller Brewing Company Wins Best Beverage Manufacturer of 2016; they awarded over 200k to entrepreneurs in 2016…

Cocktail Chronicles awards “The Miller Brewing Company” as the most ‘socially responsible beverage organization’ for 2016.  This is due to Miller’s commitment to creating a positive and meaningful impact on the social, environmental and economic issues that affect their business, employees, consumers, communities and other stakeholders. Miller Lite along with business mogul Daymond John of ABC’s “Shark Tank” […]

January 20

Cocktail Chronicles To Launch Minority Money Matters Campaign To Beverage Manufacturers… #RETHINKYOURDRINK

Written by Je’ Wesley Day and E’lon Jarret The Beginning Founded in September 2015 by Je’ Wesley Day, Cocktail Chronicles is an online multi-digital media publication with over 30,000 followers globally.   We believe in promoting and supporting liquor organizations that contribute to the economic and social good of minority communities.  We are creating world-wide awareness […]

January 12

Spring 2017 Interns Needed…

ABOUT INTERNSHIP: The 360 Degree internship program is an 8 week remote (home based) program to allow students hands-on experience to build their skills with digital-media, writing, social media, public relations, event planning, marketing, and promotions. Through this 80 hour remote internship we promote students to become leaders, visionaries, self-motivated, prioritization skills, independent task executors, […]

January 11

Cocktail Chronicles Is Coming To D.C., New York, Chicago, and Philly…

Stay tuned for the release of location and times as the date approaches.

January 10

Week 19: The Benefits Of Oolong Tea…

Written and Produced by: E’lon Jarret, Cocktail Chronicles Intern – Kennesaw State Univ.   I’m sure many of you have heard about the great benefits that drinking green tea has. But a hidden treasure that many may not know about is oolong tea. Oolong tea is sort of the midpoint between green and black tea […]

January 08

Cocktails & Parenting: Do You Drink Around Your Kids? #UnderCoverParent

  On Tuesday, January 17, 2017, we will lead a healthy and fun dialogue regarding whether or not it is okay to drink around your children.  What are the long term consequences of drinking in front of small children?  Do you ever give your children a taste of alcohol? Do you drink with your young […]

January 04

Video: Week 18 – 2 Minute Sip… “Beer Before Liquor Never Sicker; Liquor Before Beer You’re In The Clear.” True or False

Produced by E’lon Jarret, Intern at Kennesaw State University There is a saying in the cocktail world “beer before liquor never been sicker, liquor before beer you’re in the clear”. This saying suggests that if you indulge in the lower alcohol content beer, before the more potent hard liquor you are sure to get sick […]