Week 20: 2 Minute Sip – The Benefits Of Drinking Herbalife Yogi Detox Tea…

Written and Produced By Kiasia Keith, Cocktail Chronicles Internship (Georgia State University)

KIASIA; Hey, what’s up everybody?

This is Kiasia Keith, a 20 year old

Journalism major at Georgia State

University. I am currently interning

For Cocktail Chronicles and I am your

Host for today’s 2 min sip! Today we

Are going to discuss the benefits of

Drinking Yogi Herbalife detox tea!


KIASIA; Yogi Detox Healthy Cleansing

Formula consist of many healthy

Products such as cinnamon bark, ginger

Root, dandelion root, and Japanese

Honeysuckle flower.


Here in front of me I actually have a

Box of the detox tea so you can see

Exactly how it look when you

Decide to purchase yours. When

Making this tea you need a cup of

Hot water and 2 tea bags for a more

Stronger tea.


This isn’t the best tasting tea so what I

Do is I add some lemon juice and just a

Little squirt of honey to sweetening it



Not only does this tea helps to flatten

Your stomach but it also help to clean

Your liver and kidneys. And by the way

If you drink this tea you will look just

As amazing as me.


If I was you I would go purchase this

Amazing detox tea now at your nearest

Walmart for only $4.


Thank you all for tuning in and be sure

To tune in every Tuesday at 2p.m.