Cocktail Chronicles To Launch Minority Money Matters Campaign To Beverage Manufacturers… #RETHINKYOURDRINK

Written by Je’ Wesley Day and E’lon Jarret

pivot-magazine-je-wesleyThe Beginning

Founded in September 2015 by Je’ Wesley Day, Cocktail Chronicles is an online multi-digital media publication with over 30,000 followers globally.   We believe in promoting and supporting liquor organizations that contribute to the economic and social good of minority communities.  We are creating world-wide awareness and exposure for liquor manufacturers that have both amazing and deplorable ‘corporate socially responsible’ (CSR) accountability.  After observing the ongoing lack of support to minority communities, we decided to conduct studies to gather data and statistics from within minority communities about the perception of liquor companies and their CSR. This data fostered a deeper understanding of the state of CSR among liquor manufacturers.  Our surveys were overwhelmingly negative, leading our team to develop a plan to build solidarity between and among liquor manufacturers and minority consumers, organizations, and communities through our “Minority Money Matters” (MMM) campaign.

The Problem

We asked consumers in our survey, “Do you feel that blacks are targeted at a higher rate with liquor advertisement and liquor stores within the black community?” Responses were:

54% replied “agree”

29% replied “somewhat agree”

Another question we asked consumers, “Have you ever known a liquor company to do something positive in your community (i.e. build a park, provide a scholarship, give a grant, provide training, etc…)?  Responses were:

20.83% replied “yes”

79.17% replied “no”

The Solution

We are challenging liquor manufacturers to share what their companies are doing to be ‘corporate socially responsible’ (CSR) in minority communities where liquor companies are so prevalent.  Every year, minorities spend millions of dollars on beverages alone, and we want to know what your company is doing to show its appreciation and to demonstrate that it values the business of minorities.  Our platform enables liquor manufacturers to tell stories about their histories, products, visions, and intent for minority consumers; while simultaneously facilitating a way for conscious consumers to connect with liquor manufacturers in a holistic way. 

mmm-logoCocktail Chronicles will launch the “Minority Money Matters” (MMM) campaign in February 2017.  The MMM platform will leverage relationships and the power of consumerism with liquor manufacturers and minority communities. The mission of the “Minority Money Matters” campaign is to empower consumers about their drink choices and to encourage all beverage manufacturers to be socially responsible to the communities that support them by welcoming diversity within their organizations and giving back. Cocktail Chronicles is dedicated to educating and informing consumers about their beverage choices, and ensuring that people are making intelligent decisions when choosing beverage brands to consume.

We invite you to complete the attached forms by February 3, 2017, so we may share your stories.

Special Opportunity

As a thank you for sharing your “Minority Money Matters” info, you will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek of our next consumer brand preference survey and to provide feedback.  We ask that you provide your input by Thursday, January 26th, as the survey goes live to over 30,000 of our followers on Wednesday, February 1st.  Please note those who provide feedback will also be provided advanced access to survey results.  Click here for your sneak peek.


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