January 12


Spring 2017 Interns Needed…


ABOUT INTERNSHIP: The 360 Degree internship program is an 8 week remote (home based) program to allow students hands-on experience to build their skills with digital-media, writing, social media, public relations, event planning, marketing, and promotions.

Through this 80 hour remote internship we promote students to become leaders, visionaries, self-motivated, prioritization skills, independent task executors, critical thinkers and to be results oriented.

The mission of Cocktail Chronicles is to inform and educate consumers on wines, beers, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages by providing knowledge that assists them in being confident, smart, aware, and responsible in their cocktail and beverage selections.  We achieve this through online daily articles, weekly video blogs, monthly live discussions on-premise, and teaching safety and awareness within high schools and college environments.

Vision Statement:
To become the world’s leading source for beverage industry news, both alcohol and non-alcohol.

Values Statement:
Cocktail Chronicles is committed to empowering consumers with their beverage choices to encourage all beverage manufacturers to be socially responsible to their supporting communities and to welcome diversity within their organizations.