Cocktails & Parenting: Do You Drink Around Your Kids? #UnderCoverParent



Dr. Sarah Vinson

On Tuesday, January 17, 2017, we will lead a healthy and fun dialogue regarding whether or not it is okay to drink around your children.  What are the long term consequences of drinking in front of small children?  Do you ever give your children a taste of alcohol? Do you drink with your young adult children (17 to 25 years old)?  Come out and hear what the experts have to say.  Our panel for the night consist of:


Mistress of Ceremony – Tenisha Bell, CEO of Perfect Pitch Media Group

Moderator – Nick Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer of Liquid Sol

Panelist – Earl Williams, Father of Three

Panelist – Dr. David Wright, MD, MBA, MHSA – Alternative Health Physician

Panelist – Dr. Sarah Vinson, Behavior Therapist

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