Video: Week 18 – 2 Minute Sip… “Beer Before Liquor Never Sicker; Liquor Before Beer You’re In The Clear.” True or False

Produced by E’lon Jarret, Intern at Kennesaw State University

There is a saying in the cocktail world “beer before liquor never been sicker, liquor before beer you’re in the clear”. This saying suggests that if you indulge in the lower alcohol content beer, before the more potent hard liquor you are sure to get sick and have that lead to a hangover, but if you start off with the harder stuff and wind down with beer your body will somehow handle it better and you won’t get sick. But is this saying true? The answer is, not necessarily, the amount that you are drinking is far more important than the order in which you drink your beverages. Remember that alcohol can cause some dehydration, so the key is to pace yourself and stay hydrated between whatever kind of alcoholic drinks that you consume, a way to do this could be having a glass of water between ever one or two drinks. And also remember that too much of either beer or liquor in any order can lead to adverse effects.