Cocktails and Etiquette: Do You Know How To Sip With Class? #AreYouRatchet

Written By E’lon Jarret – Cocktail Chronicles Interns (Kennesaw State University)

On Tuesday, December 22, 2016 Cocktail Chronicles hosted “Cocktails and Etiquette: Do You Know How To Sip With Class?” was both informative and fun! This event was geared toward how to be a great host/hostess as well as how to be a great guest in regards to home events. This event covered many topics ranging from the proper etiquette when giving a gift to the host to whether or not it is proper etiquette to take home a doggy bag at the end of the night.

The expert panelists included Kashima Peters, CEO of My Social Hostess; Earl Williams, Home Event Specialist; and Jamel Hendrix, Master Mixologist. What is the proper etiquette when bringing someone a gift? “My grandmother told me when going to someone’s home, you should always bring something” said one audience member. “But what if you don’t drink?” asked another.  “I don’t drink so I would go to the store and ask for a recommendation.” “What do you do you do if you have a bottle of something at home already? Is it acceptable to re-gift an item?” Peters replied, “it is ok to re-gift something, but you never want to bring anything in a plastic bottle.”  When asked about whether or not you should take your own personal taste into consideration when deciding what beverage to bring, Williams chimed in and said “give some effort, time and planning to a gift. Bring something that you would enjoy.”

cocktails-and-etiquetteWhen hosting a home event, unfortunately some guests could go past their limit and become too intoxicated and unruly. Whose responsibility is it to calm that guest down? “The person throwing their hands in the air could just be the life of the party, or they could be intoxicated. You have to feel out the party and environment in order to make that determination.” “If you are around friends, it is up to the host to settle that person down,” said Hendrix. The night was an absolute success and showed the true importance of bartenders and wait staff to make sure  things stay classy and don’t get too ratchet.