December 20


Tonight Learn The Proper Etiquette When Attending Home Parties… #AreYouRatchet

ABSTRCT: This is a formal way to provide consumers with the do’s and don’ts of the expectations of attending a home party.  We will discuss the written rules and unwritten rules for hosts to manage difficult situations.  Often times people truly just don’t know what the expectations are and no one tell them.  There are very few places you can go to learn proper etiquette and decorum in variety of settings.  Let’s be honest, people may not have been privileged to finer wines or dinner parties.  As a result, they may not understand what is appropriate and what’s not. Thus, the importance of this panel to empower consumers.
tenishaThe master of ceremony will be Je’ Wesley Day, Founder & Executive Creative Director, Cocktail Chronicles. Your moderator will be Tenisha Bell, CEO, Perfect Pitch Media Group.