CBS 46 News Is Known As Half-Way House For Drunken Journalists, Says Atlanta Police Source…

amanda-davisMid-afternoon on Tuesday December 13, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, cops arrested veteran news anchor Amanda Davis.  Davis, 60, was driving with suspended license plates and driver’s license in the Cobb County area near Cumberland Mall.  This latest arrest is the most recent on the heels of multiple DUI charges creating concern and outrage throughout the Atlanta community.  Officers previously arrested Davis for three DUIs since 1991.  The most recent arrest was in June 2015.


Davis has been a prominent face on Atlanta TV having worked for WAGA-TV for nearly 30 years and retiring six months after a DUI arrest in 2013.  She was perhaps best known for her popular TV segment “Wednesday’s Child,” which helped recruit adoptive families.  In 2015, Davis was arrested in Cobb County for DUI again on the same day a TV commentary she had recorded was set to air.

Davis was also arrested for driving under the influence, speeding and failing to maintain lane in December 1991.


Davis was recently tapped last week to become the morning news anchor for WGCL-CBS affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia to replace the recent new hire Gloria Neal from Denver, Colorado.  Neal has over twenty years of uninterrupted service at one station prior to her arrival to Atlanta in 2015.  According to her Facebook account, Neal says “I was forced to resign by the executives at CBS 46” without providing any details.  However, she did allude to legal actions that are in place.  Neal had a four-year contract with the station that abruptly ended.   It is unclear if this arrest will impact Davis start as the morning news anchor that is scheduled to begin January 2, 2017.


The station’s decision to hire known DUI offenders have left viewers saying “Channel  46 is a known half-way house for drunken journalists” said a reliable source of Atlanta Police Department who claims to have arrested other CBS 46 news reporters for DUIs.  These decisions have left some outraged in the Atlanta Journal Constitution online digital community with statements such as “she [Davis] has bad decisions making skills,” while others filled with sympathy saying “she should not lose her job for a traffic transgression.” Read more statements at:


What are the penalties for a DUI in Georgia?

1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 4th Offense
Jail 24 hours to 1 year 3 days to 1 year 15 days to 1 year  1 to 5 years
Fines and Penalties $300 to $1,000 $600 to $1,000 $1,000 to $5,000 $1,000 to $5,000
License Suspension Up to 1 year 3 years 5 years Indefinitely
IID** Required No Yes – if court
Yes Yes

Look-back Period: 10 years (Period of time that prior DUIs are relevant for sentencing. Prior to 2008, it had been five years.)

**Ignition Interlock Device

How much do you have to drink (BAC*) for a DUI in Georgia?

Under 21 .02%
21 or older .08%
Commercial .04%

**BAC = blood alcohol content