Cocktails & Republicans Panel In Atlanta Had Guests Tipsy…

Written by: Kiasia Keith – Cocktail Chronicles Intern, Georgia State University
and Rashada Cunningham – Cocktail Chronicles Intern, Clark Atlanta University

Scores of people came out for “Cocktails & Republicans” In Atlanta, GA on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at the historic Pals Lounge in downtown Atlanta, GA.


Annette Davis Jackson

If you missed Cocktail Chronicles tonight you missed a treat. The theme of Cocktail Chronicles was “Cocktails and Republican: Did this Election Drive You To Drink?” We hosted the event at the wonderful Pal’s Lounge downtown Atlanta, GA. The mission of the event was to bring together the red (Republicans) and the blue (Democrats) to share how citizens should come together with our new president-elect Donald Trump. Also, did the election drive you to drink. There were amazing panelists who shed some light on the election aftermath and their political beliefs. The panelists included: Robert Patillo, Quan Lanae Green, Annette Davis Jackson, Joash Thomas, and Janelle Jones. Great individuals that have achieved great success in their careers.

Robert Patillo.png

Attorney, Robert Patillo

The kick-off question was “Do Republicans drink?” with the wonderful moderator Janelle Jones, an intelligent individual who catered to us all night. Most of the panelist said they are social and like to have a good time. “We republicans are social and like to have a good time,” said Quan Lanae Green. The question had arisen because people have the perception that Republicans are uptight and do not drink.  Joash Thomas said he does not drink but likes to have a good time. Patillo stated, “Donald Trump had to be drinking for some of the comments he made.” Collectable the crowd filled with laughter and agreement of Patillo’s statement.


Author, Quan Lanae Green

As the evening continued we came to other questions such as “Is there such a thing as a minority republican?”  All the panelist was eager to answer the question. “Yes there is such a thing as minority republicans and we are considered sellouts by our people.” said, Quan Lanae Green. Mrs. Green further explains how people may see her as a sellout of her family or community. Also, Mrs. Quan said if we compare some of our values and beliefs some citizens would match up to the Republican party. During this panel, many people felt that if you are a black republican then you are a sellout. “I want to understand if you care about honesty and improving the lives of the people that look like you then how could you support a party that hasn’t made any progress and never signed a bill to even give water to Flint, Michigan,” said guest Danielle Reid. Quan Green states, “My heart is not in politics.” While the other republican panelists answered this question by saying that they believe in business development. “I am a republican because I do believe in business development, I care about the future and I voted for an establishment,” said Janelle Jones.

The previous questions raise thoughts in the room leading to the next question of “Should Muslims/Mexicans be taking their last drink before being deported?” Robert Patillo stated, “Donald Trump cannot make this effort alone and it would take more than four years to do this and without these minorities in the country, the country will decline.” The thought of Trump saying he is going to build a wall to divide us which is sicking. America does trade with Mexico if he builds the wall are we going to trade with them.  These minorities are worried and in hysteria, but as Mrs. Green stated, “We need to hug and love these individuals when we see them on the train or a bus.”

Joash Thomas

Do you think Trump will make America great again? Well according to republican Joash Thomas, “I am pro-life at all stages in life on the social and fiscal competitive side, but I held my party accountable by not voting for trump.” As Americans, we have a lot more in common than we think but according to Robert Patillo, “Republicans are really bad with the economy, you put them first and they will put you last so that make you a political chump.” With the different thoughts and views of these panelists and the light shed on why some of these individuals chose to be republicans, I just want to know are you tipsy yet?

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