Donald Trump Forbids His Staffer To Participate In Local Atlanta, GA Republican Event…

America’s new President-elect quickly forbade his ‘National Director of Minorities for Trump,’ Mrs. Lanelle Babbage-Torres from participating in a local Atlanta, Georgia effort to bring peace in the midst of a recent presidential election storm. Minutes before Babbage -Torres was to take the stage, she called and stated, “I am afraid to get out of my vehicle in such an uncomfortable area.” says Je’ Wesley Day. This is a little surprising for some considering that Babbage-Torres professes to be proud of her upbringing in the Atlanta, GA 4th Ward public housing projects. The area at question is the recently gentrified area, considered as the “Old Fourth Ward – Downtown, Atlanta.”
Sources also state that Paulette Smith, NBA Mom of Joshua Smith (Milwaukee Bucks), was paid off by Donald J. Trump to not attend yesterday’s event hosted by Cocktail Chronicles. Smith also cited, “I am uncomfortable leaving my vehicle in this area.” Day, founder of Cocktail Chronicles offered security outside to and from the new venue to her vehicle but Smith still refused to attend. Smith was scheduled to be the Mistress of  Ceremony and to open the event with a solo of “America.”

On top of scheduled and well-advertised promotions, the BQE Lounge venue was the third cancelation last night from this regularly scheduled event with the Cocktail Chronicles multi-digital media publication and its over 30,000 followers. The BQE informed owner Je’ Wesley Day, founder of Cocktail Chronicles, via text message at approximately 2:30 pm on November 15, 2016 that they were no longer able to host his long standing monthly event at their venue. They only provided four hours advance notice to locate another venue in a saturated city of events for the City of Atlanta, GA. The BQE owner Kenya informed Day, “there was a conflict in schedule.” However, Kenya refused to discuss the matter over the phone or in person. 

With the tenacious leadership of Je’ Wesley Day, he did not accept defeat from the three cancellations (LaNelle, Paulette, the BQE) nor allow them to prevent him from hosting his grassroots’ efforts to empower consumers on their beverage choices. After several calls around the city of Atlanta, Day landed a new venue that was less than a half of a block from the previous venue of the original scheduled event at BQE Lounge. The new venue would be the historic Soulbar at Pals Lounge located at 254 Auburn Ave, NE in Atlanta, Georgia.

With approximately 50 citizens in attendance the event fared well and turned into a great success with the discussion of Cocktails & Republicans led by Janelle Jones as Moderator. 

Cocktails & Republicans Panelists included:
Janelle Jones, Republican Political Strategist – Moderator
Robert Patillo, Independent Conservative – Patillo Law Group, LLC
Joash Thomas, Republican Political Strategist – Patriot Public Affairs      


Annette Davis-Jackson, Education Advocate
Quan Lanae Green, Republican Author & Blogger