October 26


Week 16: Two Minute Sip – Drinking & Drowning In America…

Written and Produced By: Cynthia Harris, Intern (Spelman College)

What’s up! I’m Je Wesley founder of Cocktail Chronicles and your host for 2 Minute Sip. Every week I bring you quick tips and helpful knowledge to make sure that you drink smart. This week’s sip is alcohol related drownings. Now we all know that drinking has an extensive list of side effects when abused. We lose the ability to make healthy and safe decisions, the ability to speak clearly, and we can even lose proper function of our limbs. With that said, taking that late night dip in the lake after a few drinks is extremely dangerous. According to the CDC, up to 70% of water related deaths involve alcohol. Also according to the US National Library of Medicine, the chance of death in leisurely boating is increased 10 times in those who have a blood alcohol level of 0.10g/100ml. Just 35% of Americans know how to swim and 2-7% of those Americans know how to swim well, says CNN.com. The Journal.ie tells us that as you lose heat in your arms and legs you also lose the power to move them. Think about that, in addition to the bodily functions that are affected when consuming alcohol, the cooling effects of water can further alter the effective use of our limbs. So make sure you think twice the next time you consider drinking and swimming. That’s it for this week’s 2 Minute Sip! Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to visit our website at http://www.cocktailchron.com. And don’t forget follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat, and pinterest @cocktailchron1. Tune in next week’s 2 Minute Sip. Bye!