Café AKA – A Great Way To Spend A Sunday…

Written by: Andrew Snorton, Contributing Writer




Andrew Snorton

A number of service-based organizations hosts a signature event at some point during the year.  As a means of providing a great venue and social outing combined with a service component and great support, it is a way of having a fun and festive experience balanced with a sense of purpose.



On Sunday, October 9, 2016, the members of the Chi Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. hosted an event that sincerely is a party with a purpose, their fall signature event Café AKA.  Taking place at the upper level of Old Crow Smokehouse River North (149 W Kinzie St), the Chicago-based chapter was able to provide a great day and early evening experience to support their nonprofit, the Imani Pearls Community Development Foundation (IPCDF).




Brandy Garris

The event featured multiple spoken word artists Brandy Garris, Brother Amir, and Derrick Christian, whose topics centered around a number of the areas of concern their foundation focuses on. Topics  such as problem-solving issuesranging from education, community development, and related areas in their service area in the Southside of the City highlighted the daylong program.  Combined with the live performance of the band Return 2 Soul and the sounds of DJ Vince Adams, it truly was a great event.



Likewise two vendors, Jack Daniels and Korbel, gave their support for the organization’s efforts.


andrew-5The specialty combination of Jack Daniels Honey with Lemonade or Coke provides two solid options for those who partake of the classic whiskey.  One provides a balanced sweet and sour mix, while the other is a creative spin on the standard “Jack and Coke” which is smooth given the honey influenced beverage.  Equally pleasing to the taste-buds is the Korbel Sweet Rose Champagne, which provides a light yet smooth sampling of “the bubbly” without compromising quality.


As an added bonus, both vendors donated their on-site sales to support the larger community efforts of the IPCDF.  In addition to promoting responsible consumption of beverages, the vendors are showing responsibility in supporting community service and community outreach.




Andrew and Nisa

A good event became a great way to spend a Sunday, not only because of the good venue, cause, and organization, but also because of the recognition and support from the wine and spirits community.