October 02


Upcoming Events

All topics are subject to change without notice. The events below does not include our tour dates and topics.  Stay tuned for confirmed event locations each month, but they are usually hosted at the BQE Lounge located 262 Edgewood Ave, SE in Atlanta, GA.
Cocktails & Republicans: Does Your Sip Impact Your Vote?
November 2016 – Atlanta, GA
– Janelle Jones, CEO of JINK Events as Moderator
Cocktails & Etiquette: Do You Know The Expectations Of Sipping As A Guest Or Host? #HOLIDAYPARTIES
December 2016 – Atlanta, GA
Veronica Waters, News Reporter of WSB as Moderator
– Kashima Peters
– Jonathan Castillo
– Jose
Cocktails & Kids: Do You Drink Around Your Kids? #UNDERCOVERPARENT
#JANUARY 2017 – Atlanta, GA
Cocktails & Race: Are Blacks Targeted More With Liquor Stores And Advertisement? #TRUECOLORS
February 2017 – Atlanta, GA
Cocktails & Stereotypes: Does My Sip Spike Your Perception Of Me? #REALITYORNOT
March 2017 – Atlanta, GA
Cocktails & Technology: SUBTITLE?  #TIPSYTECH
April 2017
Host – Adia Dightman (confirmed)
– M. Cole (confirmed)
– Joey Womack (confirmed)
– Eldredge Washington (confirmed)
Cocktails & Health: SUBTITLE
May 2017
Cocktails & Beauty: SUBTITLE
June 2017
Cocktails & Food: SUBTITLE
July 2017
Cocktails & Environment: SUBTITLE
August 2017
Cocktails & Sports: SUBTITLE
September 2017
– Greg Lee, Panelist (confirmed)
Cocktails & Travel: SUBTITLE
October 2017
Cocktails & Art: SUBTITLE
November 2017
Cocktails & Cigars: SUBTITLE
December 2017
Cocktails & Comedy: Do Your Sips Impact Your Punchline? #GOTJOKES
January 2018
Cocktails & Real Estate: How Will You Sip Your Way To A New Home?
February 2018
2018 Potential Topics
Cocktails & Entrepreneurs:
Cocktails & Culture:
Cocktails & Gender:
Cocktails & Religion: Why Is There A Separation Of Alcohol In The Church?
Cocktails & Dating
Cocktails & Police
Cocktails & Non-Drinkers
Cocktails & Craft Beer
Cocktails & International
Topics To Reproduce:
1) Cocktails & Sex
2) Cocktails & Fitness
3) Cocktails & Writing

4) Cocktails & Networking

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