The Mile High Club: Self Made Cocktails In The Air…

Jodi Cash and Jeremy Thompson – Tales Of The Cocktail

Cocktail made on a plane

Deena Marie Sayers impressed us with her drink topped with a delicately stenciled leaf made of matcha and activated charcoal. Photos via @cocktails4breakfast.


We were thrilled to see the many stunning and clever submissions we received in the #MileHighCocktailClub competition. Bartenders from around the world, many en route to Tales of the Cocktail, made drinks worthy of a lauded craft cocktail bar while on a flight (and within the constraints that travelling on an airplane entails). We saw everything from classic absinthe service to daiquiri shooters to cocktails shaken with activated charcoal. Here are a few of our favorites — and, of course, our lucky winners:

First Place: Deena Marie Sayers (@cocktails4breakfast) for her “Black Magic Fizz”

Deena explained that after dealing with years of health issues, mixing detoxing agents and antioxidants into cocktails has become standard for her, which is why she chose to mix a drink with activated charcoal and matcha powder. When a great story meets with quality ingredients and beautiful presentation, you always have a winner. We’ll be sending her a complete set of W&P Design’s Carry-On Cocktail Kits and a set of our limited edition Tales of the Cocktail Luggage Tags.

Second Place: Jeremy Jordan (@welcometothejortex) for his “Brexit Strategy Negroni”
We aren’t going to ask how he managed to make this happen, but Jeremy actually jumped behind the bar to mix up his take on a Negroni with St. George’s new Bruto Americano. Well done! We’ll be sending him a Monkey Shoulder Konga Shaker because we’re certain he’ll find a way to use it on his next flight.

Here’s to both of our winners, and the dozens of other participants who raised the bar up 30,000 feet. You’re all legends of the #MileHighCocktailClub! Read on for some of our honorable mentions:

Bluesy Bee’s Knees could be better on a flight than a crisp, refreshing classic like a Bee’s Knees? This clever bartender gets bonus points for bringing blossoms on a plane and managing to make honey syrup in-flight.

Absinthe service we said you could bring whatever tools you could get through security, we didn’t anticipate seeing an antique absinthe balancier. CAP Berit Jane jumped through major hoops to aptly represent the bar she manages, Artemisia, where absinthe service is their specialty.

Golden Hammock people take Emergen-C on planes, some protect their health with OJ, whiskey and tea. Christina Basham infused Woodford Reserve with black tea and served what she calls the Golden Hammock in an orange juice box for added effect and efficiency.

Daiquiri shooters love few things like we love a good daiquiri, and these daiquiri shooters go above and beyond the call of duty. Served in hollowed out lime peels, rimmed with salt and garnished with a tiki mermaid, distiller Tyler Heim managed to do a lot with what can be taken on a plane, including spreading out a beach scene made of salt on his tray table.

In-flight Bali Hai tiki is all about escapism, what better time to make and drink a tiki cocktail than on a flight to New Orleans? That’s what bartender Brian Maxwell did with his In-flight Bali Hai, complete with tiki mug, straws and garnishes.

The Blue Bayou
We’re impressed with the Dubble Bubble and PushPop-infused green tea, but mostly, we’re impressed with the use of a miniature baseball bat as muddler. A+.

Brewed Booze Airlines need more Chartreuse cocktails and dehydrated hibiscus garnishes on-board all future flights, please. (Bar Ninja, indeed.)