September 15


Cocktails & Life Coaching Tips…


Panelists L to R: Dr. Tony Lamair Burks II, Sheri Riley, Ericka McCraken, and Chris Cooper

Milestones in life continuously provide us with reasons to celebrate. Whether it be the first anniversary of a growing business or another anniversary of life, we honor ourselves by commemorating “the big” moments. In celebration of the One Year Anniversary of Cocktail Chronicles and the birthday of its founder Je’ Wesley; Cocktail Chronicles hosted an empowering conversation “Cocktails and Coaching: Do you celebrate your success with a sip?” On Tuesday, September 13th at 7 p.m. at the BQE Lounge on Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta, GA. The conversation was held by a panel of life coaches Dr. Latangela Crossfield, Dr. Tony Lamair Burks II, Ericka McCracken, Chris Cooper, and moderator Sheri Riley. The event was hosted by Tenisha Bell of Perfect Pitch Media Group.

fullsizerender-36The panelists gave great insight into ways to move toward success. Dr. Latangela Crossfield says, “Write down your goals. Invest in yourself, live on purpose. Sheri Riley adds, “You have to be extremely clear on what your goals are.” “One sticky note says breathe one sticky note says celebrate… I give myself permission,” says Chris Cooper. The conversation also indicated always to be smart when out celebrating. Remembering to be cognizant of who you are and who you are with to make the right decisions for yourself was a common thought between the audience and panelists alike. In an excellent summation Sheri Riley shares, “How do you maintain balance? Ask yourself what you want to accomplish and place yourself accordingly.”

Sponsors L to R: Michael Jenkins, CEO of Graphics In Atlanta; Tracye Bryant, CEO of T.Bryant Media Group; Je’ Wesley, Founder of Cocktail Chronicles; Janelle Jones, CEO of JINK Political Fundraising; and Tenisha Bell, CEO of Perfect Pitch Media Group

The evening celebration also presented Who’s Who of Cocktail Chronicles; a small and fun award ceremony honoring panelists, moderators, and guests who have played a role in the past year of events hosted by Cocktail Chronicles. And the lively inspiring night could not have ended without wishing founder of Cocktail Chronicles Je’ Wesley a happy birthday in real celebration of life. #CELEBRATELIFE