September 10


Coca-Cola Declines To Say, “Thank You,” But Accept Awards…


L to R: Linda Brigham and Je’ Wesley Day

On August 10, 2016, The Coca-Cola Company arranged to accept their awards for being voted as the best ‘Dark Soda’ for Coca-Cola and best ‘Bottled Water’ for Dasani by over 10,000 soda consumers with 43% of the ballot.  They left their rivals to bite the dust with Dr. Pepper trailing in second place with 16% of beverage customers’ votes and Pepsi in third place with only 13% of the ballot.  With society becoming more health conscious, it comes as no surprise that 27% of consumers indicated “I don’t purchase dark soda.”

What does come as a surprise is that another beverage manufacturer declined to say “thank you” to their loyal consumers who regularly purchase their beverages and took time out of their busy schedules to take the survey..  It takes only a moment to write the two words, ‘thank you.’  Diageo is the number one liquor organization in the world with brands such as Ciroc and Tanqueray with both as winners in their respective categories. But the company refused to accept the honor bestowed by consumers and did not provide a statement of gratitude to their loyal brand followers.

awardCocktail Chronicles made several formal requests to The Coca-Cola Company media relations team and high-ranking executives to accept the award in person on June 21, 2016.  The organization did respond and apologize on the day of scheduled acceptance while a they would not be able to attend.  Instead, the two agencies arranged to meet on August 10th to accept the awards with Linda Brigham, Senior Manager of Public Affairs and Communications representing The Coca-Cola Company and Je’ Wesley Day, CEO of Cocktail Chronicles.  When asked for a statement the organization failed to comment or follow through.

What does this mean for consumers?  It is clearly a sign that beverage giants do not value their ground level, everyday buyers.  Beverage buyers should consider where they spend their beverage dollars and become customers of beverage organizations who truly value them.  This was an opportune time for beverage organizations to reach over 27,000 consumers through the committed readers of Cocktail Chronicles at  “We are honored that The Coca-Cola Company took the time to accept the award,” says Je’ Wesley Day  “How much more effort would it have been for The Coca-Cola Company to provide a formal statement (written or verbally) to tell their customers, ‘thank you?’ Day continued.

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