Why Blacks Should Think Twice About Purchasing Ciroc or Tanqueray This Holiday Weekend…

ciroc_mainWritten By: Je’ Wesley Day, Executive Creative Director

Would you patronize a business that did not have the courtesy to say, ‘thank you?’  Well, why would you buy liquor from a company that doesn’t do so?  That’s exactly what Diageo has done to nearly 16,000 black consumers in the United States.


Diageo is the number one liquor manufacturer in the world. Its portfolio contains household liquor brands such as Ciroc, Tanqueray, Baileys, Ketel One, Guinness Beer, and many others.  In the first quarter of 2016, the liquor giant was voted as ‘Beverage Brand Battle’ winner for two of its most popular brands, Ciroc and Tanqueray.  The poll was conducted by Cocktail Chronicles and over 16,000 consumers participated in the survey with 90% of respondents being African American.


Cocktail Chronicles is the leading source of beverage industry news with over 25,000 followers. Its mission is to empower consumers with their beverage choices (alcohol and non-alcohol).  The beverage giant received numerous letters requesting them to accept honors for the two brands at our New York event on July 28, 2016, but Diageo failed to respond to any of the emails or postal mail sent to them.   Loyal fans who gathered in New York to support their favorite brands grew very agitated to learn that the beverage organization had failed to attend or send a statement in their absence.  This prompted Je’ Wesley Day, Executive Creative Director of Cocktail Chronicles, to send further correspondence to Diageo offering the opportunity to meet with them one-on-one to present the award but to no avail.


How hard is it to say, ‘thank you?’  It is one of the first things that we were taught as a child. Is it arrogance?  Is it because good manners are dead?  Or, is it because the beverage giant does not respect or value the dollars of the black community.  Whatever the reason, everyone should think twice about purchasing Ciroc and Tanqueray by Diageo this Labor Day weekend.  Spend your money with those that value you as a customer, and it’s clear that it’s not the makers of Ciroc or Tanqueray.