August 14

Winston-Salem Saturday Nights: Carolina’s Vineyards and Hops…

Written by, Andrew Snorton 


Winston-Salem, NC is one of those quietly growing mid-sized cities in the Southeast.  With a growing population full of  options grounded in family-themed events, the arts,  higher education influences provided by Salem Academy, Winston-Salem State University, and Wake Forest University, this city with a metropolitan population of nearly 240,000 (based on 2014 estimates) has a growing dining and culinary community that rivals other cities in the state and region.

This past Saturday evening, I spent time at one of its better kept secrets, Carolina’s Vineyards and Hops (1111 South Marshall Street).  The intimate venue is a local favorite for networking and other related events, but Saturday evening is clearly the night for prospective patrons to mark on their calendars.

Starting a little after 8 pm and continuing through 11 pm, a live band playing originals and covers of jazz and r & b as standards makes Carolina’s Vineyards and Hops a very relaxing, mature setting.  Individuals, small groups, and virtually anyone looking for a place to wind-down from the rigors of the day and even the week can enjoy this relaxing atmosphere.  The menu focuses more on small plates including a top-notch assortment of cheeses, charcuterie, paninis, spreads, and other locally made features to provide just enough to prepare the palate for what the venue is best known for- its crafted beers and wines.


One hundred percent of their beer menu is composed of hand-crafted originals produced by breweries based in North Carolina.  With over 100 breweries based in the state and selections including (but not limited to) ales, stouts, porter, and lagers, there truly is something for everyone ranging from the casual to the aficionados.  All of their beers are part of the 150 Mile Challenge. Thus all of their offerings come from breweries as close as less than a mile away from Carolina’s Vineyards and Hops to no further than 150 miles away. This ensures a fresh and outstanding experience for its patrons that when combined with a self-serve beer tap that truly provides a feature for customers to enjoy.

The same experience holds true for Carolina’s Vineyards and Hops’ wine listing.  With the state of North Carolina featuring close to 120 wineries, all of the wines including their own are in-state renditions of the traditional and creative.  Likewise, just as with their beers, they provide a self-pour station where patrons are able to sample a full glass (or smaller) tasting of their favorites.   Access to their tasting stations requires the purchase of a reloadable membership card (an initial $2.50 purchase) and then simply loading and adding value to it at the location.  Combined with their professional and personal service, this clearly makes Carolina’s Vineyard and Hops a “must-visit” venue when your travels bring you to the Triad, especially on a Friday evening.

wineCarolina’s Vineyard and Hops is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  It is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4-10pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm-12am, and Sundays from 2-7pm.  For a complete listing of their small plates, beer, and wine menus (and additional information), readers are encouraged to visit their website (, their social media presence on Facebook (Carolina’s Vineyard and Hops). and their Twitter (@ncbeerandwineonly). But most importantly, give them a visit!