August 12


Second Chance To Ciroc & Tanqueray

Cocktail Chronicles Send Second Invitation to Diageo


Cocktail Chronicles President, Je’ Wesley Day presents another invite to the Ciroc and Tanqueray brands, both owned by U.S. liquor manufacturer Diageo. 
31dover-tanqueray-ginCocktail Chronicles invites Diageo to accept the award for ‘best vodka’ and ‘best gin’ as voted by thousands of U.S. consumers in a recent poll.  Cocktail Chronicles again invites the No. 1 liquor manufacturer to meet one-on-one after the liquor giant failed to accept an invitation to attend a New York event on July 28, 2016 to be honored in the presence of its most loyal beverage consumers.  Diageo’s corporate headquarters is located in Norwalk, CT and only 45 minutes from New York City.
New Yorkers came out in the rain to cheer for their favorite beverage brands (Ciroc Vodka and Tanqueray Gin) that were scheduled to receive these awards in Diageo’s backyard of NYC, since they won the Beverage Brand Battle hosted by Cocktail Chronicles.  The event attracted nearly 50 attendees and about half were loyal consumers of Diageo brands.

Some attendees in the audience who noticed that there were no representatives questioned why Diageo was not present.  Others swore to never drink the products again, feeling that the corporate giant did not value their time for taking the poll to vote for them nor appreciate them enough to attend the night’s event to say, “thank you.” Members of the audience were visibly disappointed and chanted unfavorable remarks during the presentation.  This was no reflection of Cocktail Chronicles, as we were non-partisan and objective in this situation.
Cocktail Chronicles is the leading source of beverage industry news.  The Cocktail Chronicles team works hard to empower consumers about their beverage choices through online articles, weekly video blogs, monthly live conversations, and college safety and awareness programs.  We make increased efforts to provide balanced stories and to be professional in all commentary.

We renew our invitation to Diageo to address our 25,000 followers across the world through our social media platforms after the company declined Cocktail Chronicles initial request to address attendees at our first tour edition in New York, N.Y. on Thursday, July 28, 2016.  Cocktail Chronicles welcomes the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Diageo representatives within 45 days.  We understand the importance of our engaged followers to hear and learn more from beverage manufacturers.


About Cocktail Chronicles:
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