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It was a rainy day in the Big Apple on Thursday, July 28, 2016. However, that did not stop scores of New Yorkers from making their way to the Madison Square Tavern on 30th Street (at 7th Avenue) in the heart of the Fashion District to attend the Cocktail Chronicles 2016 Tour Edition. The topic for the evening was “Cocktails & Networking: What Are the Unwritten Rules of Drinking with Superiors, Peers, and Subordinates? #DRUNKATWORK” where attendees learned and openly discussed the do’s and don’ts of drinking in the corporate world. The event was moderated by Dion Rabouin, News Market Reporter for Reuters and the Master of Ceremony was Alain Tchegnon, CEO of Afrik Diaspo News. The panelists were Je’ Wesley Day, Founder of Cocktail Chronicles and Koby Benvenisti, CEO of Modern Day Millionaire.

Rabouin, a long time journalist, fired away immediately with thought provoking questions to the panelists such as, “What is the number one unwritten rule to drinking?” Panelists were initially perplexed, but Je’ Wesley jumped right in and made attendees realize the importance of building relationships at all levels from superiors, peers, and subordinates. “People hire who they know and who they are comfortable with. Therefore, you should never decline the opportunity to wine and dine with your manager. Doing so will open up lines of trust for that manager to share with you when upcoming promotions will be available prior to them being posted.”

Guest, Timmy Bayly asked, “If I don’t drink, and I don’t want to compromise my values what should I do?” Day jumped right in and stated, “If you don’t want to compromise your values, you risk the harm of jeopardizing your career. Everyone should have at least one drink when they’re in the mix of corporate company. If not, you should seek an organization that forbids, prohibits and frowns upon drinking at corporate dinners and events.“ He used Chick-fil-A as an example of a corporation where alcohol consumption is not likely encouraged. On the other hand, Koby Benvenisti imparted a difference of opinion by stating, “You should remain true to who you are and not compromise your values.” Day followed up immediately saying “and you will stay in the same position for twenty years. People aren’t promoted based on the merit of their work anymore. It’s all about relationships.” There were also several solutions provided of how to get around not drinking such as arriving early, speaking to your bartender, and requesting he or she only bring you tonic or club soda garnished with a lime but not dare call it out. Day also reminded guests that among decision makers who are out having drink,s there’s an unwritten rule not to trust the person who isn’t drinking. “ Here’s why he says, “If we are all drinking, we are likely to discuss business that should not be outside of the board room. While everyone else is indulging and sharing information, it’s usually the person who is not drinking that they will share the least with if anything at all. Because they aren’t drinking, they will likelyremember much more than anyone elsewhich gives them the leverage to file a misconduct violation, morality breach, or violation of non-disclosure agreement to Human Resources if they choose.”

New York bought a high level of spice to the room as they were very well engaged, attentive, ready to debate and to share their personal stories. Cocktail Chronicles Founder Je’Wesley Day was so elated with the turnout, the interactive, engaging attendees, and the warm welcome of Cocktail Chronicles to New York City that he has declared to bring three of the After Dark Editions topics to NYC in 2017.
Talibah Lee Stigger, Research Marketing Manager of Cocktail Chronicles, brought the night to a close by acknowledging Ciroc and Tanqueray as the winners of the Beverage Brand Battle survey taken by thousands of consumers from around the nation. Many were loyal fans of Ciroc and Tanqueray even though both brands are owned by Diageo. Diageo is the No. 1 liquor company in the world with the most extensive portfolio of alcohol that includes vodkas, gins, rums, tequilas, whiskey, wines, and beer. Don Ford, a guest in attendance, shouted, “Why aren’t they here?” Day explained “We made multiple attempts to reach Diageo via email, phone, and mail to no avail. “I will never drink Ciroc and Tanqueray again, that’s shows how much they value my time to vote for them and to be here for their honor,” said Keandra Green. Then, guests turned to the beverage expert and asked, “What should we drink in place of Vodka and Gin.” Je’ Wesley Day responded very professionally, “The disappointment in the room for Diageo’s absence should not be ignored. The sentiments are correct that we must send a message to beverage giants that they cannot ignore their consumers. It is very unfortunate that Diageo didn’t value their consumer base enough to say, “Thank You.” Moreover, it’s unprofessional and discourteous to ignore the honor in its entirety. We will be sending their awards to them anyway, because they won it. Keep in mind that I also was a fan of Ciroc Red Berry and Tanqueray was the first drink that I was introduced to in college. So, I will move to a better quality with Tito’s or Grey Goose Vodkas for my personal choices and Hendricks for my gin choice. These are all companies that are more corporately socially responsible and have their finger on the pulse of the African American communities. Let’s spend our money with those who care about us.”

As the formal dialogue came to a close, guests remained at the Madison Square Tavern for hours mingling, socializing, eating, and indulging in crafted cocktails by celebrity mixologist Galvin. Cocktails were given a thumbs up and five stars by mixologist himself, Mr. Je’ Wesley Day. The alcohol infused beverages were:

Thyme after Thyme that was created with a gin base and included champagne and grapefruit juice.

Summer Sizzle that was created with a vodka base, muddled cucumber, simple syrup, and topped with club soda.

The next time that you’re in the Big Apple do not hesitate to visit the Madison Square Tavern in New York City located at 150 West 30th Street (at 7th Avenue).

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The next topic to be held on August 4, 2016 in the nation’s capital at Chi – Cha Lounge in the heart of the Adams Morgan area. Have you ever been in a situation and wondered what you should do when drinking with a superior, peers, or subordinates? Whether you have or have not, you should come and learn from HR Professionals and hear what no company will truly tell you.

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