August 03


D.C. / NABJ / NAHJ – Cocktails & Networking: What Are The Unwritten Rules of Drinking In Corporate America? #DRUNKATWORK

Have you ever been in a situation and wondered what you should do when drinking with a superior, peers, or subordinates? Whether you have or have not, you should come and learn from HR Professionals and hear what no company will truly tell you.

Every month we host live, fun, mature, and healthy discussions about alcohol and beverages. We empower beverage consumers by confirming and dispelling myths, drinking etiquette and decorum tips, and knowledge that will assist you in becoming a smarter and more aware consumer. 
Mistress of Ceremony

Tenisha Bell

CEO of Perfect Pitch Media Group
Master of Ceremony

Alain Tchegnon 

CEO of Afrik Diaspo News

Tracye D. Bryant

Author, This Twisted Life

Je’ Wesley Day

CEO of Cocktail Chronicles
Tambra Raye Stevenson

Jacobey Ford

HR Specialist, U.S. Department of Justice
Duvalier Malone

CEO, Duvalier Malone Enterprises

Je‘ Wesley Day, a Chicago native and current Atlanta resident, has quickly become one of the world’s top social influencer’s within the beverage arena. He empowers consumers around the world on their beverage choices (both alcohol and non-alcohol) by informing them of the unwritten rules of drinking, confirming or dispelling myths, and providing knowledge of etiquette and decorum. This is done through daily articles, weekly video blogs, and monthly live discussions at his online multi-digital media publication of Cocktail Chronicles. Cocktail Chronicles provides consumers with awareness of how beverages impact their bodies and lives.
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