Monthly Archives: August 2016

August 31

Flavored Beers Grow In Favor…

Written By: Restaurant Hospitality Last year as many as one in five beer drinkers drank flavored beer. More than half (57 percent) of beer drinkers who upped their consumption in 2015 credit this increase to a wider availability of flavors. Young women (22-34) represent the biggest fan base for flavored varieties. Overall, as many as […]

August 30

Why Blacks Should Think Twice About Purchasing Ciroc or Tanqueray This Holiday Weekend…

Written By: Je’ Wesley Day, Executive Creative Director Would you patronize a business that did not have the courtesy to say, ‘thank you?’  Well, why would you buy liquor from a company that doesn’t do so?  That’s exactly what Diageo has done to nearly 16,000 black consumers in the United States.   Diageo is the […]

August 29

Cocktail Chronicles Campus Edition…

Cocktail Chronicles Campus Edition Proposal: Alcohol Awareness & Safety Mission: The mission of Cocktail Chronicles Campus Edition is to provide awareness to teens and young adults about the consequences of drinking alcohol at an early age.  We provide fact based information to make teenagers think twice before taking a sip.  This program also offers health […]

August 28

Life Coach, Sheri Riley To Host Cocktails & Coaching On Sept. 13th

ABSTRACT:  In this segment we will explore the various ways of celebrating success and determine shoud you celebrate your hard work and earned success with a sip?  Come tell us what you think, all while gaining some great life coaching tips from Atlanta’s most prominment Life Coaches. Twelve people will win 10 minute speeed coaching […]

August 27

Why You Should Never Ask For A Lemon In Your Drink…

  Written By: Alice Sholl – August 26, 2016   “It looks so delicious, and so filled with bacteria. There’s something about summer that makes us want to put citrus into every single drink. Beer? A slice of orange. Cuba libra? Lemon. Mojito? Bring on the limes. We do it because it makes drinks taste […]

August 26

Bartenders Say, These Are The Cocktails Sweeping The Nation In 2016…

Written By: Tales of the Crocktail. As part of our ongoing research with consulting firm Trepwise, we recently asked over 1,500 bartenders, industry professionals and cocktail enthusiasts to share their thoughts on the most significant and substantial movements within the cocktail industry right now. Their answers give insight into some of the movements and patterns […]

August 25

The Myth & Story Of The Cocktail Umbrella…

Written by: Clair McLafferty Few things are quite as memorable as your first cocktail umbrella. Mine happened at a Chinese restaurant on a Shirley Temple when I was six or seven. Up to that point, the type of drink that came with an umbrella was a lavish treat. As you might expect, as an adult, […]

August 24

Should We Hand Over Control Of America’s Drinking Water To Dr. Pepper, Pepsi or Coke?

Written by: Joseph Erbentraut, Senior Reporter – The Huffington Post The bottled water industry is in the midst of a banner year.  Bottled water sales are set to outstrip soda sales in the U.S. for the first time since the Beverage Marketing Corporation began tracking the industry in the 1970’s, according to data the firm […]

August 23

How To Create The Foam On Top Of Your Cocktail?

Written By: Wendy Rose Gould We drink with both our mouth and our eyes, so finding an element that enhances both the flavor profile and visual appeal of a cocktail is important. Foam certainly falls into that category, but its complexity – and the effort required to create it – makes it a sometimes underutilized […]

August 22

What Bartenders Really Think About Review Sites…

Written by: Jodi Cash For better or worse, websites like Yelp, Zomato, and TripAdvisor (and perhaps social media, in general) have made the old gatekeepers to dining and beverage criticism increasingly obsolete. With the tap of a screen, anyone can send their opinion of a bar or restaurant out into the cyber world — a […]