Do Liquor Manufacturers Use Black Music Artists To Pimp The Black Community?

July Event Back Frank Ski To Host “Cocktails & Music: Do Your Sips Impact Your Rhyme? #GETLIT”

After being on air for 14 years at the No.1 radio station (V-103) in Atlanta GA with the No.1 rated show in the Atlanta market, Frank Ski left for Washington, D.C. Then, following a four year hiatus, he returned to V-103 (Atlanta) in April 2016.

Frank Ski not only has his hands in the music industry as a top radio personality that interviews music artists on a regular, but he is also a former restaurant/bar/club owner.  Thus, making him the perfect host for this topic.

We will lead a healthy, mature and fun dialogue with music industry insiders about the influence of alcohol in the entertainment business. The premise of this dialogue is to explore the power of alcohol in the music industry.  Why is alcohol so prevalent within music lyrics and videos?  Other confirmed panelists for the evening will consist of:

Bryan – Michael Cox, Grammy Award Winning Producer & Songwriter

Kirstin Daniels, Owner & Founder of ATEAELLE

Jarvis Mays, R&B Artist & Reality Show Personality

Isaac M. Hamm III, Owner of IM3MEDIA.COM

Marquise Lofton, Radio Personality, JAZZ 91.9