Monthly Archives: July 2016

July 27

Koby Benvenisti, Co-Founder of Modern Day Millionaires & Life Coach Joins The NYC Panel for “Cocktails & Networking: The Unwritten Rules”

Join us at our New York event “Cocktails & Networking: What Are The Unwritten Rules of Drinking with Superiors, Peers, And Subordinates? #DRUNKATWORK“   Master of Ceremony: Alain Tchegnon   Moderator: Dion Rabouin, Market Reporter – Reuters   Panelists:   Flo Anthony, Gossip Columnist & Author   Je’ Wesley, Founder of Cocktail Chronicles   Koby Benvenistii, CoFounder […]

July 23

Future Topics – The After Dark Edition

All topics are subject to change without notice. The events below does not include our tour dates and topics.  Stay tuned for confirmed event locations each month, but they are usually hosted at the BQE Lounge located 262 Edgewood Ave, SE in Atlanta, GA.     Cocktails & Educators: Can Teachers Sip And Post Pics? #TIPSYTEACHER […]

July 22

Gossip Columnist & Author, Flo Anthony To Be Panelist For NYC…

Have you ever been in a situation and wondered what you should do when drinking with a superior, peers, or subordinates? Whether you have or have not, you should come and learn from Je’ Wesley and hear what no company will truly tell you. Every month we host live, fun, mature, and healthy discussions about alcohol and […]

July 21

Je’ Wesley To Be A Judge In Margarita Challenge…

Distillery Margarita Challenge’ and how your recipe stacks upto others. instead of Tequila you’ll be using Lazy Guy Whiskey. When: Saturday, August 13, 2016 Where: Lazy Guy Distillery – Kennesaw, GA Time: 6pm to 8pm COMPETITION NOTE: There will be two winning Margarita recipes. First, there will be a crowd favorite. Second, there will be […]

July 20

“We Really Do Prostitute Ourselves Out To The Liquor Industry,” Says Panelist at Cocktails & Music On Tuesday Evening…

The rain did not stop scores of Atlantans from attending the 11th After Dark Edition of Cocktail Chronicles on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, at the BQE Lounge located in the heart of Atlanta’s Fourth Ward community. The topic for the evening was “Cocktails & Music: Do Your Sips Impact Your Rhyme? #GETLIT” where music insiders […]

July 19

Je’ Wesley, Contributing Writer For Pivot Magazine…

PIVOT magazine is the premier corporate lifestyle and career development publication for affluent African American corporate professionals. Our mission is to help our readers navigate their careers by providing the best career development advice through our digital magazine. PIVOT magazine is the only corporate lifestyle and career development publication that helps our readers move forward […]

July 18

R&B Singer, Jarvis Mays To Discuss The Influence of Alcohol In The Music Industry…

R&B Singer, Jarvis Mays On Panel To Discuss The Influence Of Alcohol In The Music Industry. Jarvis J. Mays singer / songwriter, hailing from Avon Park, Florida.  Mays hits the music scene carving out his own blue print in the music industry. Mays is scheduled to drop a new single “Break Up” in 2016.  Currently Jarvis is […]

July 17

Je’ Wesley, Contributing Writer For Diversity Professional Magazine…

Diversity Professional (DP) is an interactive national publication complemented with strategic offline engagements that focus on business, career and lifestyle. We deliver essential information for entrepreneurs and professionals related to business strategies, career development, education, economics and social trends. Click Here To Read Je’ Wesley’s Article On The Unwritten Rules Of Drinking In Corporate America. […]

July 16

Do Liquor Manufacturers Use Black Music Artists To Pimp The Black Community?

 Frank Ski To Host “Cocktails & Music: Do Your Sips Impact Your Rhyme? #GETLIT” After being on air for 14 years at the No.1 radio station (V-103) in Atlanta GA with the No.1 rated show in the Atlanta market, Frank Ski left for Washington, D.C. Then, following a four year hiatus, he returned to V-103 (Atlanta) in April 2016. […]