Philadelphia Voted To Pass 1.5 Cents Tax On Soda…

Written by Kate Taylor, Business Insider

Pepsi-vs-Coca-ColaThe world is turning against soda.

Governments around the world have been trying to convince citizens to drink less soda by making it more difficult — or at least, more expensive — for consumers to get their sugary caffeine fix.  

As a result, soda giants like PepsiCo and Coke are making major changes to soda products and diversifying their offerings outside of sugary drinks. 

Most recently, Philadelphia is on the cusp of becoming the first major American city to begin taxing soda.

On Wednesday, the City Council voted to pass a tax increase of 1.5 cents per ounce of sugar-added and artificially sweetened soft drinks. If the beverage tax is officially passed next week, it’s expected to raise approximately $91 million over the next year.

While Philadelphia would be the first major American city to successfully pass an overarching, anti-soda tax, it’s far from the first to try. In fact, cities across the US and countries around the world are exploring the option to tax soda to decrease obesity, with the cost falling on both consumers buying sugary drinks as well as companies that sell them. 

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