Liquor Manufacturers Do Nothing Positive In The Community

Eight-eight percent of surveyors say, “I have never known a liquor manufacturer to do anything positive in the community.”

Cocktail Chronicles just recently released its new consumer behavior survey at . This survey will run live until August 15, 2016.
The survey went live to over 16,000 followers of Cocktail Chronicles on June 1, 2016, and hundreds have already taken the survey. The survey asks a variety of questions regarding drinking patterns and habits with all types of beverages (wine, beer, alcohol, and non-alcohol). When surveyors were asked about their knowledge levels they said:

54% not comfortable with beer knowledge, with an additional 33% saying they somewhat comfortable

54% somewhat comfortable with wine knowledge, with an additional 21% saying they are not comfortable; and

54% somewhat comfortable with alcohol knowledge, with an additional 21% saying they are not comfortable.

The founder of Cocktail Chronicles said, “This study shows that there is a need for liquor manufacturers to do more positive things within communities. Such as providing product knowledge workshops, scholarships, supporting local initiatives, and building parks are just a few examples.” The demographics of surveyors so far are 96% black. “It’s our hope to bridge the gap between communities and beverage organizations to forge positive relationships. Cocktail Chronicles will become the trusted source and liaison to empower consumers about their beverage products and assist beverage organizations with keeping their finger on the pulse of the community,” says Je’ Wesley, Founder of Cocktail Chronicles.

Take your survey today, using the link above. To learn more about Je’ Wesley Day, please click the image above.