June 10


Keeping Wine Fresh

bbq6rwbye3ohoavx6769Written by: Kayla Hodge, Intern – Kennesaw State University

Are you tired of your wine tasting spoiled after one night of having it open? Well, there is a new solution to this madness. A company called Kuvee (pronounced Koo-Vay) has found the answer to keeping wine fresh for 30 days.
The reason that wine tastes spoiled after a few days is that when you pull the cork out, oxygen goes into the bottle, and that is displacing the gas that was inside. According to live science, oxygen is the culprit because it reacts with phenolic compounds, and produces wine’s flavor.

Kuvee solution is a two part system. It has a sealed capsule that has wine in it and uses a sheath that is used to pour. As soon as the capsule is in the Kuvee bottle, it looks like a regular wine bottle.
“We wanted to have something that pours like a bottle of wine versus a coffee maker that sits on your countertop,” Tekeian told Live Science.
The primary component of this system is a valve that is multistage in the neck of the capsule. The capsule replaces the cork to preserve the wine. The company has said that the inner valve is called “check valve” and allows liquid to flow in one direction.
This is a new way for many wine drinkers to have refreshed wine for 30 days. People will appreciate this new technology for wine bottles.
To find out more: go to http://www.kuvee.com .